Ash/Residue Analysis

Marchwood Scientific Service Ltd is one of Europe’s most experienced laboratories in the provision of analytical results related to the prevention of pollution from Incineration and Advanced Thermal Treatment plants. We report within the bounds of the WHO and Governmental Agency legislation and ESA guidelines.



Environmental Services Association (ESA)

Consultancy Services

MSSL has the technical capability and capacity to assist in the implementation of the ESA protocol which evaluates the hazard status of Bottom Ash in accordance with The Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2005 and the Environment Agency Technical Guidance WM2.

With over 200sq/mtr floor space we are equipped to receive Bottom ash samples from clients who are embarking on the ESA protocol analysis suite, the space is required to carry out the drying process of 20 – 50kg samples of Bottom ash.

Bottom Ash & APCr

Dioxins/Furans & Dioxin-like PCBs (USEPA 1613)

Sample Preparation

In the laboratory the samples of ash are treated by removing any metal objects, stones etc. which are weighed and the weight used to correct the analysis data. The samples are then ground and dried for analysis.


Analysis is performed to USEPA 1613 using solvent extraction followed by chromatographic clean-up and High Resolution GCMS using the latest Micromass Ultima Autospec instrumentation and is covered by our UKAS accreditation.

Samples are analysed for the 17 target dioxin/furan congeners to enable calculation of the I-TEQ value. Results will be reported as total and I-TEQ.

NB. The regulatory requirement for incinerator ash analysis is that the data should be presented in the WHO-I TEQ Birds, Mammals, Fish format.


Summary of WHO 2005 TEF Values Dioxin and Dioxin like PCBs

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Heavy Metals

Method:Extraction and analysis is by acid digestion followed by ICP spectrometry. Mercury analysis by FIMS.

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Other parameters which are regularly called for and tested by MSSL

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Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC Test)

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