Soil Analysis

Marchwood Scientific Services is able to undertaken analysis of samples of soil and sediment for a range of organic trace contaminants. The company has a valid soil importation license issued by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural affairs (DEFRA) Samples which enables samples to be received from all over the world.


Dioxin and PCB Analysis

In the Millbrook laboratory soil or sediment samples are analysed using the latest techniques. The first stage in the analysis process utilises solvent extraction, either by soxhlet or automated extractor.

The extracted samples are then subjected to a chromatographic clean-up and then analysed by High Resolution Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry.

The analysis suites offered include Dioxins and Furans to enable calculation of the International Toxic Equivalent Value (I-TEQ); the WHO-12 suite of Dioxin-like PCBs and EC-7 PCB suite. All of these compounds can be quantified to extremely low limits of detection.

Additional analyses offered includes PBDEs, PFOS/PFAS, and Pesticide Residues.