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MSS History

Marchwood Scientific Services Ltd is an independent laboratory jointly owned by the two directors Karl Pettit and John Fursman. The laboratory was originally established in 1983 as part of the Rechem International group and has since established itself as the leading dioxin analysis laboratory in the UK. The company now has two laboratories, both located in Southampton:

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Millbrook Laboratory (Head Office)

This building was acquired in 2012 and has been extensively re-fitted to modern laboratory standards. The building incorporates two independent sample preparation laboratories on the upper floor. The first is dedicated to the preparation and clean-up of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. The second is utilised for environmental samples including residue/ash samples from energy from waste plants, soils, effluents, air samples and wastes. The administration section and instrumental analysis laboratory are located on the ground floor of the building. The laboratory houses the most modern organic analysis equipment available with a high proportion installed new in 2012.
The equipment portfolio in the Millbrook laboratory includes:

  • 4 modern High Resolution GCMS instruments dedicated to the analysis of Dioxins and PCBs
  • LCMS-MS Triple Quad and GCMS-MS Triple Quad mass spectrometers
  • LCMS-MS/TOF mass spectrometer
  • Low Resolution GCMS instruments
  • Gas Chromatographs with a range of detection systems

Marchwood Laboratory

At the end of 2013 Marchwood Scientific Services relocated its waste/renewables testing services into a larger modern laboratory on the Marchwood Industrial Park. This building also houses the sample reception department for the company.

The Marchwood laboratory houses a variety of testing facilities for different waste samples and also a unit for the preparation and drying of large samples of ash and residue.

Waste/SRF- there is an ever-increasing interest in using waste materials as a fuel in large combustion processes rather than conventional fossil fuels. As a result the laboratory is requested to undertake testing of these materials for basic properties and also trace contaminants. On the ground floor of the Marchwood building samples which vary in size from less than a kilogram to 100 kilograms in weight are handled. Samples are prepared by drying and milling to obtain a representative sample for analysis and then tests such as ash, moisture and biomass content are undertaken. On the first floor instrumental analysis is performed including Ion Chromatography (Halides), Bomb Calorimetry (CV), Coulometric Analysis (AOX) and Elemental Analysis (CHN).

Ash/Residue- the ground floor houses the bulk ash preparation unit where large samples received from waste to energy plants are dried and ground for analysis in accordance with recognised ESA/EA protocols. Prepared samples are then analysed for a range of contaminants.

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