MSS team up with Southern Microbiogloical Services

Marchwood Scientific Services Ltd and Southern Microbiological Services Ltd have now teamed up to provide a comprehensive sample collection and analysis service for food samples

20th Februrary 2014

This new service enables customers to access a one-stop shop for all their laboratory analysis requirements which centres on the delivery of quality and service whilst remaining competitive.

The service addresses client concerns over splitting samples and sending them to different laboratories which can create logistical problems and reporting errors. The actual logistics of the service are no different from competitor laboratories operating in the feed, food and drink industries that are known to sub-contract analysis between group members which are also sited at disparate locations.

Details of the participating companies as follows



Marchwood Scientific Services Ltd

MSS is a well-known and respected UKAS accredited laboratory with specialisms in the analysis of food and feed products for organic compounds such as Dioxins & Furans, PCBs & PAHs, they also provide analysis for a wide range of ‘more exotic’, type organic compounds found in waters, effluents, soils and sludge’s. More recently Marchwood has added to its accreditation schedule with the inclusion of analysis for pesticide residues in Fruit, Vegetables, Dried fruit and Cereals, Marchwood is also a leading laboratory with operations and expertise in the recyclable green energy market.

Southern Microbiological Services Ltd

SMS is a UKAS accredited laboratory with longstanding experience for the detection of microbiological pathogens in food and water samples. SMS is also an approved DEFRA laboratory and carries additional approval certification for analysis of microbiological samples from Tesco and M&S. their quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2008.They are also a trusted supplier to other food and drink laboratories for the provision of pre-poured media.