Improved Dioxin Service from Marchwood Scientific Services

10th Februrary 2014

Marchwood Scientific Services has recently purchased eight FMS Multicolumn PowerPrep™ automated sample cleanup systems. The new equipment increases our capability to deliver a fast turnaround service to clients who are required to operate under ‘positive release’ conditions.

The system, which is fully automated speeds up the sample processing phase of analysis by reducing a labour intensive procedure which at best takes 12 hour to complete down to less than one hour.



The new process is not just about speed there is other important technical benefits…

The system uses columns which are certified and guaranteed for the cleanup of sample for trace elements of Dioxins, PCBs, PBDEs and PAHs it is proven to be highly consistent and reliable and it is outstanding at producing reproducible recoveries.

The Equipment

The systems purchased by Marchwood is a full six column array, supported by an additional two column system which is supplied ready to be expanded up to the maximum of six columns when required.


The PowePrep™ system compliments the four High Resolution GC-MS machines already in use at the Marchwood laboratory and improves on an already viable disaster recovery position should machinery breakdowns occur.

Service and reporting

The new equipment will not only be used on samples which require speedy turnarounds, due to these extended and improved laboratory capabilities we are now in a position to offer a more flexible variety of service levels aimed to suit all client requirements and budget.


Established in 1987 Marchwood Scientific Services is the largest and longest established Dioxin testing laboratory in the UK and is a leading provider of quality laboratory services to the environmental, food and feed sectors.

We offer an independent service for the analysis of a wide range of persistent organic pollutants to include- Dioxins/Furans, PCBs, PBDE, PAHs and Pesticide/Herbicide residues.

We are also a leading European laboratory operating in the Recyclable and Renewables Energy market.